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Terms of Service

  • Those who have any trade restrictions caused by having Steam Mobile Authenticator and or trade confirmations disabled WILL NOT receive any coins and LOSE their items permanently. If you sent a trade offer without having Steam Guard on your Mobile device, cancel the trade offer within 72h in order to prevent item loss.
  • Bug abuse is strictly forbidden. Those who abuse bugs to including, but not limited to receive items and coins will have all of their coins and the right to gamble in revoked. Those who privately disclose any found bugs with staff will be rewarded.
  • Items can be deposited in price, varying from $0.45 to $900. If USD is not your primary currency, consult any currency converting services.
  • Item withdraw is limited to 400k coins per 24h.
  • Withdrawing service is available to those, who have gambled at least 70% of deposits. For example, if you put in 1'000 coins worth of skins, you will only be able to withdraw items as soon as you gamble at least 700 coins.
  • Souvenir skins are not available to be deposited to
  • When gambling on, the minimum amount you can wager is 10 coins, where the limit is 100'000 coins.
  • Item withdraw has a 10% commissions fee for service.
  • We are not a skin exchange website. If we see any players using our website for skin exchange only we reserve the right to remove your balance with no chance of getting it back. Please don’t use our website for skin exchange.

Last update: 2016-03-20